Sankofa Dance Theater educational performances are a treasure. Each program is a finely tuned magical journey steeped in knowledge through the performance of the dance, music, and stories rooted in Africa and the African Diaspora.  The artists use techniques that include traditional drum and dance, as well as, history, mythology, and folklore as a vehicle to bridge the cultural gap between people of all backgrounds.

The 45-55 minute presentations given by the Sankofa Dance Theater are designed to act as an introduction to African Culture, leading young people on an exploration of some of the wonders and attributes of the continent.  Each of the following performances offers lecture/demonstration in the form of dance, song, drumming, and storytelling, allowing for audience participation along the way.

Sankofa Dance Theater believes the arts serve as a catalyst for healthy communities and thus provides comprehensive art programs to encourage diversity and cultural sensitivity within the global village. 

Arts in Education Performance Options:


Traditionally, African art forms are woven into the fabric of day-to-day life.  Dance is a big part of the history of life in an African village. The theme for this presentation is “the reasons why we dance”. It paints a picture of the West African culture against a colorful backdrop of traditional African music, song, and dance.  The young people are asked to join in audience participation.



DRUM TALK is an assembly style performance that takes the audience on a journey through West Africa utilizing the “rhythms of the “Motherland”.  The drummers lead an exploration of polyrhythmic approaches to percussion in a way that is both fun and informative.  This interactive experience encourages the attendees to become a part of the performance through hands-on audience participation.


In the African village, a person trained as a “Griot” would act as an educator and historian, memorizing the history of an area and imparting that knowledge to the village members. Now the Village Voices teller of tales reaches back into the rich legacy of African culture and history, taking the audience on a journey to places where life’s secrets and “do’s and don’ts are learned through storytelling.  Lend us your ears, your hearts, and your imaginations as you, too, become involved.


Experience a showcase performance by the renowned Sankofa Dance Theater in a school setting.  This presentation is great for high school audiences and larger audiences. Selected members of the company come to your learning space, bringing the richness and fullness of live drummers, exuberant dancers, and vibrant costuming.  This program comes with the opportunity for audience participation and brief “question and answer” segment.

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