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Holiday johnson - 10/14/2016

Hi there,
I was wondering if you offer adult classes?
What is the schedule?

Kimberley Poole - 4/15/2016

Thank you my sister Kibibi for taking to present to my Coppin African Arts Class, Professor Day-Clark. I am interested in my son master the art of music; drums. I look forward to hearing from you.

charlie - 3/26/2016

Do you have any african dance classes in the near future?


Can new people join Sankofa Dance Theater?

Gerre Dias - 4/22/2015

Need info for upcoming community dance classses.

Aissatou Bey-Grecia - 9/9/2014

These are beautiful images- colorful with so much energy so much life. Keep the culture alive Sankofa! All the best

Alexandra Daniel - 7/13/2014

I am interested in taking dance classes and wanted to know if you have any available?

ppepipru - 6/27/2014

Very good blog post.Really thank you! Fantastic. fadcbaddcbbk

Jessica Tye - 4/30/2014

Hi! I am interested in possibly booking a beginner African dance/drum workshop here in Westminster, MD. How long are your workshops and what is the cost? Thanks!

Nerfertiti - 4/3/2014

Just wanted to be added to the mailing list for the beginners dance class.

Alisia - 3/31/2014

Just wanted to be added to the mailing list for the beginners dance class. Thank you!

Terry - 3/28/2014

looking for various kinds of training for different age groups

uYrL1Xzq - 3/15/2014

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VP5XxWCwnQl - 3/15/2014

Please bring back Inhale, or release it on DVD . SOMETHING! Been a href""looikng/a for it for two years now , and cant find much o it anywhere. I am out on the east coast , and have NOT found ANY yoga classes , or cable programs that even BEGIN to interest me. I have tried many , and feel empty and bland after the class is over. Inhale was a GODSEND to me, and practiced it religiously for two years, and then POOF it was gone from the air. I have a medical condition , that is based upon much inflammation in the body. It has recently been atttacking most of the joints in my body , and nerves. When I found Inhale, I was unsure if this would help the pain I experienced on a daily basis. I heard things about yoga, and watched a few other classes, but nothing interested me. When I saw this program , and how much fun it looked like, I thought what the hell would give it a go! I did one class, and thought I was going to die lol Thanks God I was alone ( was cursing the screen) ..did one more class, and the pain I had been feeling in my back and legs was reduced by 50%! I continued for the week, and low n' behold, I had 90-95% relief from the pain, and tightness. I am only hoping that you could provide myself, and others, who I am CERTAIN that there are many that feel the same, in finding that happy,uplifting feeling that we found in doing his program. Please , please , PLEASE release the old episodes.Or even possibly new ones? What harm could there be from it? Besides . it would be quite lucrative for you all! Why wouldnt you want that? I hope that you take all these replies and the mass requests seriously, and grant us our wish! Not all of us can travel to see him , or live anywhere near CA. Give us some positive sunshine back in our lives, and isnt that what your network is supposed to have been about?

qR8kWUDe - 3/14/2014

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rIG7apZN - 3/13/2014

Ma Cherie je suis si fiere de toi , tu as toujours ete une a href"" psnoiasee/a et determinee dans tout ce que tu as entreprie , excuse mon Francais , ca fait si longtemps .Ta grand soeur , ta tante , ton amie .LuLubelle

SHJsim7w - 3/13/2014

Emily - Absolutely stunning work and I can not wait to see the rest next week! Thank you so much Amanda for cntiurpag our wedding just the way we wanted to remember it!

Michelle davis-dash - 2/27/2014

I was wondering if you all have instructional drum classes for children as young as 3. I have a son that I am very interested in having him shown the tradition.

brianna faulkner - 1/16/2014

would like to get info and updates on workshops (adults and children) and events!

Deborah Brown - 12/28/2013

I so enjoyed the storytelling and dance presentations at the Kwanzaa celebration today. I look forward to attending many more of your performances.

Andrew M. Dunn - 12/18/2013

I plan on attending 28 December in Baltimore @ the Reginal Lewis Museum. I found out about SANKOFA while listening to WPFW, 89.3 fm,Washington, DC.
All the best to you.

Akil K. Rahim - 12/10/2013

Greetings Kibibi,
I'm glad I finally found a way to contact you; have not seen you in years – not since the days at St. Bernardine's Head Start with Sheila (may she RIP)...

Nailah - 11/18/2013

Being in your dance class has blessed me in so many ways....its always fun to come to class and keep and participate in the african culture...thank you

Carlos Fields - 11/15/2013

I've seen several of your performances...Loved every one. I would love to have Sonkofa Dance Date!...maybe?

Angela - 11/8/2013

Interested in African dance classes for adults.

Lisa - 9/29/2013

Does Sankofa offer dance classes?