Sankofa Dance Theater creates
 and presents world-class, authentic
African art in the form of dance,
music, and folkways for national and
international audiences. The work of
the Company is rooted in healing and
bringing intercultural understanding
to the global village while staying
true to the definition of the word
“Sankofa” which means to learn from
the past in an effort to build for the
future. Sankofa Dance Theater
reaches back into the rich legacy of
African culture and history to move
forward into greater awareness and sensitivity to the world community. 

Sankofa Dance Theater is the voice of the past,

forever-reaching forward to carry the light of understanding into the future.

Sankofa Dance Theater believes that the arts serve as a catalyst for a healthy world community and actively provides comprehensive programming to increase the quality of life. The Company presents, produces, and promotes annual concerts, master classes, workshops, residencies, youth arts programs, and community engagement activities.

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