Indigo Magic is an exhibition that uses indigo as its lens to focus on the connections between Africa and the Americas. And furthermore, the exhibit narrows its scope to magnify a nuanced understanding of the aesthetic within African American art forms that connect directly to West Africa. Indigo Magic presents works by African-American artists who utilize the hues, the pigment, and at some points the immense spirit of indigo. The art forms include painting, sculpture, photography, videography, fiber, and performance.


Indigo Magic is a group show. Envision a collection of works… a collection that is blue. Not because it is melancholy or sad in any way. On the contrary, a collection that is majestic like the fabric of the Tuareg people of Mali and Northern Senegal or the Yoruba of Nigeria… majestic in a way that shows up in urban America as fashion-forward cultural attire. Imagine the royalty in the hues, stains, and tints evident in the work itself or in the energy of the work of African American Contemporary Artists. Take a moment to contemplate performance that speaks of Africa through the music, movement, spirit, folklore, and fashions that express past, present, and future. Visualize community engagement through public talks that highlight the importance of the art, the gallery, and the way it is exhibited. Picture family involvement through hands-on tie-dye workshops as an active connector.

The curator: Kibibi Ajanku

© 2020 Kibibi Ajanku